Our Approach


In 1998, a group of West Point graduates began working to end foreign oil addiction. Foreign oil addiction, perpetual oil-wars, and Climate Change all have the same root cause - Federal infrastructure monopolies that:

  • Mandate the burning of oil and coal.
  • Block cleaner, safer, and lower cost alternatives.

We have studied war and paths to war for half a century. The solution to Climate Change is both as simple and hard as ending Federal support for slavery:

  • Federal support for slavery throughout the occupied parts of states in rebellion ended on January 1, 1863. That triggered the process which completely ended slavery in America on December 6, 1865.
  • Solving Climate Change can be triggered today by enforcing the Constitution's Preamble, post Roads, Ports, necessary and proper, commerce, and Amendments 9 and 10. Federal oil/coal burning infrastructure monopolies are unconstitutional. Period.

Our Story